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Top 5 WORST Ways To Wear High Heels

If you don't know already, I love me some heels! Thus, I've developed a snooty demeanor in 'heel etiquette.' Is this the right place to say "sorry, not sorry" ...?? Through my life of shoes I have paid extreme detail to heels, their construction, and how they're worn. So here I present you the Top 5 Absolute WORST ways you could wear your heels!

Black & White

Contrast is one of my favorite styles because it make anything pop and stand out. What better than the most simplest form, black & white?? I took some simple high waisted black shorts, a plain white tank, and my smile as my accessory. Which shoe is your favorite??

Gold Shoes Galore...

I've been seeing gold everywhere, and good thing because I've become obsessed with it! This holiday I am definitely bringing in the cheer with some gold shoes myself. So, I put together a bunch of gold heels, sneakers, and a couple flats that are out (or almost out) and cool for you guys t check out, too. Enjoy!