Je Suis Tina.

(Just kidding,

I'm not French ;)

I'm a first generation LA native living the dream as best as I can. My background is in footwear design, although these days I'd rather 'ooh and ahh' about what other designers and brands have come up with, and I'm documenting all of it right here on my blog!

I believe that shoes have the ultimate say in how you will feel, look, and "be" no matter what outfit you're wearing. 

I like my heels very high while still allowing comfort, classic with a touch of pizazz, and sexy with lots o'spice!

I adore sleek kicks that offer trendy style, comfort, originality, and femininity to casual wear.


In case you're wondering how I went

...to THIS 

from THIS...

IMG_3396 2.JPG

Growing up, I always had one pair of shoes until I wore them to the ground. This was all well and good until I hit the age where I started seeing boys as more than just dirty and annoying. I started paying attention to style and realized that no matter how nice my outfit was, if my shoes weren't something other than my beat up Puma's with a bright yellowed sole, the whole ensemble was ruined. That's when it started. I started paying attention to the details, how shoes were constructed, and more.

In the following years I would admire my older sister, who is 11 years older than me, and her consistent high heeled shoe purchases. Then there is my older brother, a basketball fanatic who is 5 years older than me, who introduced me to the Nike Air Jordan 11 "Bred" when I was about 9 years of age. I followed my affection for shoes with schooling in both fashion and footwear design at FIDM (LA) and LCF (London). My wanderlust for the world has opened my eyes to footwear across the globe, and personal explorations have peaked my curiosities more than I ever thought they could. I have been part of the footwear community ever since, using my connections and experience to discover what's new, cool, and exciting in shoes, and I simply can't get enough!