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Black & White

Black & White


Contrast is one of my favorite styles because it make anything pop and stand out. What better than the most simplest form, black & white?? I took some simple high waisted black shorts I got from TopShop in London many years ago, a plain white tank top, and my smile as my accessory.

Which shoe is your favorite with the outfit?? (click photos to enlarge)

These boots are fierce.  I always hear short ladies complaining that they can't wear boots that cut off at the calf.  Not true! I'm only 5'2" :) 


Ankle boots are always filed in the "fun" category for me.  But I love when the opening sticks out in the front.  Gives such a simple edge.

More white ankle boot options:

I love the gold detail on these cowboy inspired ankle booties. Plus check out the heel, thick enough to run around in but thin enough to still give that slim feel.


I find that people are scared to wear white, especially in boots.  But I love to and these boots nailed it! The slight slouch, the knee height, the covered heel.  Plus the white totally balances out the body (especially for me on the top half, lol). White is with no doubt my favorite color to wear on shoes, high or low. And I think it goes with EVERYTHING where as black doesn't.  In my opinion ;)

Aaand how sucky. There are practically no white boots out there right now, not ones that I'll cosign anyway. Not even these beauts I'm wearing in the photo! They never came out :( Hopefully brands start catching on soon.


Straps and gold, yo! Over the ankle, they're just fun :)

More black strappy ankle options:

Thanks to Matthew Jay for helping me take these photos.  We had fun! He is a good friend who loves sneakers and posts great photos on Instagram :)

Puma Rose Gold Flatforms x Schutz Leopard Booties

Puma Rose Gold Flatforms x Schutz Leopard Booties

Dorothy's Ruby Red Heels Gone Crazy??

Dorothy's Ruby Red Heels Gone Crazy??