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Top 5 WORST Ways To Wear High Heels

If you don't know already, I love me some heels! Thus, I've developed a snooty demeanor in 'heel etiquette.' Is this the right place to say "sorry, not sorry" ...?? Through my life of shoes I have paid extreme detail to heels, their construction, and how they're worn. So here I present you the Top 5 Absolute WORST ways you could wear your heels!

Black & White

Contrast is one of my favorite styles because it make anything pop and stand out. What better than the most simplest form, black & white?? I took some simple high waisted black shorts, a plain white tank, and my smile as my accessory. Which shoe is your favorite??

British Footwear

Twice a year every year (for probably about 9 years now?) I go to the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas to check out all the new footwear brands and styles that are being shown for future seasons. I had a great opportunity this year to check out that long row I always saw with 'British Footwear Association' signs all over it and personally get to know some of its brands.