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December '13 Shoe Lover :: Dawn Villa

December '13 Shoe Lover :: Dawn Villa

Meet Dawn Villa. A shoe-loving friend of mine from DC living in Los Angeles. She is a fashion design assistant with aspirations to be a singer/songwriter, and she definitely has style.

I met Dawn through the sneaker world when a mutual friend of ours, Will aka KingPoetic01, was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant here in LA.  I instantly loved her.  She showed up wearing some hot pumps and then I checked out her insta and saw how she rocked her kicks as well.  I had to shoot her!

We went with a downtown LA, rough streets meets power-woman feel for this shoot. Dawn chose a basic black top and long flowing black skirt for its comfort and simplicity all while being feminine. Also because it allowed her to choose her favorite heels and sneakers that make a bold statement.


Like me, she's not a pink kind of girl but she said it herself, "def couldn't say no those beauties."

Dawn chose these all over fuchsia Nike Air Royalty from 2010 as her kicks of choice.
Hi tops are my go to when paired with a skirt and it makes the transition to a wedge that much easier. I love that with this all black outfit, the pink stands out immediately.
— Dawn
Your shoes can never go wrong with an all black outfit.
— Dawn
For her switch into heels, Dawn picked one of her faves she said she couldn't resist buying, ALDO x Julian Louie Collaboration.

All over "ikat" style print, awesome colors, and a nice wedge definitely spice up the outfit.

Besides her great taste in heels and sneakers, I love this girl for her gratitude. When I asked Dawn about her Instagram name @SemouraMarche, she replied... 

Semoura is my grandmothers name and my middle name. Marché is my mom’s last name thus I combined the two for my stage name. When I am finally singing/writing I want my pen name to be my moms because she sacrificed so much for me and supports me in whatever I do. It’s an ode to her!

What do you guys think of the switch? I loved it and I think the switch matched Dawn's personality completely.  I love that the type of shoes you wear can tell someone so much about you. No matter the outfit, the shoes complete the style, ya feel me? Let me know in the comments. Check out Dawn on Instagram as well at @SemouraMarche.


I had great fun with this shoot, and it was a hell of a learning experience. The more shoots I do with awesome females I find, the better I get at directing them.  Plus as always I had some great people behind me helping get this all together.

  • Thanks to the awesome photographer Chris Doody for all the photos. He is so talented, check out his site here.
  • Samuel for behind the scenes help.
  • Tammy, my most favorite makeup artist in the world.
  • And thank you Dawn for being you!

Some behind the scenes photos below. As always, just click to enlarge. xx!

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