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June '14 Shoe Lover :: Melissa @MMKpr

June '14 Shoe Lover :: Melissa @MMKpr

Meet Melissa Keklak, a PR power house (and a best friend) that grinds her ass off!

I met Melissa in October 2012.  We were both selected to be apart of the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, California, and happened to be in the same car taking us to our hotel. As we got to know each other it was fascinating how much we had in common. The bond that can especially never break between us is the knowing of what it feels like to lose a mother. We bonded through the weekend and shared the success of finishing the half marathon together. Throughout the next year, I got to know her more and more on our weekly hikes at Runyon Canyon, and just how much of a boss this chick is.  The amount of hard work and dedication she gives to each one of her clients in the most caring way possible is next to none. We've helped each other through the good and the bad, and I've gotten to know how she loves to rock her heels and kicks as well, which is why she is a top featured shoe lover here on ShoeQUEENDOM.com.

We shot at a favorite spot that Melissa is often at with her artists, the SKEE Lodge in Hollywood, CA, home to many top music hits and where DJ Skee runs his empire.  I personally love coming here as well, everyone at SKEE is always so sweet and friendly, good people in general, a gem of a find in LA. (So thank you SKEE Lodge for the space!)

SKEE's (famous?) chalk wall, where artists that go through the studio make their mark, had the perfect energy to catch Melissa's essence and show off her shoes. We're all up there, too. ShoeQUEENDOM x MMKpr x PeterDangPhotography, holla!

Melissa is into street chic, rocking graphic tees, jeans, and everything in between.  She def has her own unique style, being laid back, cute, and powerful all at the same damn time. Go on girl!

We had Mel in a "Compton" crop tee that looks amazing on her and always gets compliments. A high waisted leather skirt, and her newest heel purchase from BCBG. The best touch? Her bright red fabulous Biggie sweater, which in my opinion represents many facets of her.... Being from the East coast, her love for hip-hop, her devotion to music, as well as her fun spirit with biggie "emoji's" all over.

I love the cool edge the sweater gives the outfit wrapped around the waist.  Nothing you see every day, and Mel seriously worked it out.  The best thing that wall has ever seen!


Don’t diss the caterpillar then proceed to jock the butterfly.
— Melissa Keklak


Melissa's heels were perfect in depicting the daily grind.  A pair she fell in love with from BCBG, the black and white contrast goes with absolutely anything.  The white mesh adds a flirty touch, and the black cap toe a boss-like edge.  Not to mention the ankle strap is perfect for making sure you are stable and can run around and WERK!


Melissa moved to LA on a whim from a small town outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and now runs her own full service PR agency MMKpr, concentrating in music. Always at studios with her artists and on the phone taking care of business, she has perfected that #SQshoeSwap that I love.




Melissa's kicks, Nike 'Son Of Force Wedge Retro', are a pair I had never seen and fell in love with at an event Mel wore them to once. I love how the white goes with her top and more importantly makes the legs look so sexy.  The salmon sole is unique and feminine, and the snake swoosh is a perfect touch.

Often imitated, never duplicated.
— MMKpr Slogan

Original. Yes.








"Believe Linda" is an ode to Mel's love for her Mother.

The reason I got the Hamsa tattoo is because it’s a protector in your life to keep away negative energy. It gives one strength to know and understand that God is watching over us and only throws us what he knows we can each individually handle. :)
— Melissa

As always, I had a blast working with an awesome team of people and getting creative visions out highlighting a wonderful woman and a walk in her shoes.

HUGE thank you to all the stars that helped me make this vision happen:

  • Photographer Peter Dang (THE BEST!!)
  • Makeup Felicity Villegas
  • SKEE Lodge and team - thank you for the awesome space!
  • Bijan Nasseri - Thank you for taking care of us and the shots! (Turn down for what??)
  • Melissa - You are a gem of a woman with so much heart. I am blessed to be able to experience a piece of you and call you a best friend.  You deserve a spot on this list and I am over the moon that I finally got you on here for the world to see your beauty and power. Love you always! xo

Behind the scenes :: Bijan our caretaker being silly // shots of the SKEE Lodge // Melissa's headshot by the amazing Peter Dang (click to enlarge)

So much fun! xo! -T

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