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12 Best Air Jordan Vine Videos

12 Best Air Jordan Vine Videos

Firstly let me say, I'm back y'all!  I went off the grid for a bit to reflect and figure out what the heck I want to do with my work life. As usual, my passion for shoes and support from fans has brought me back to continue trying to live my dream!

So.. I love Vine because people are so creative and and they deliver me a daily dose of good laughs. I've noticed lately that some Viners have taken to using all the stereotypes and crazy ideals that come with Jordan's to make some great videos, and I've compiled the best/funniest ones here. Post comments below on your faves. 











#2 (two parts)



BONUS!!! This guy Jason Nash is messing with all these crazy sneakerheads waiting in line at Supreme on Fairfax for some sneaker release, and I absolutely love him for it!!! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Jason, if you're reading this, can we go out?

June '14 Shoe Lover :: Melissa @MMKpr

June '14 Shoe Lover :: Melissa @MMKpr

How to Wear Joggers with Killer Heels

How to Wear Joggers with Killer Heels