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How to Wear Joggers with Killer Heels

How to Wear Joggers with Killer Heels

I love wearing comfort clothes with killer heels because first of all, why not? And second, the unexpected aspect of it only puts more attention on the fabulous shoes! Oh, and third, I kinda sorta like seeing people be confused as to what to think, lol.

For this weeks #SQshoeSwap I'm wearing a pair of joggers from Zara, and a long sleeve cropped blouse from H&M. I knew these heels were perfect for dressing up the outfit because they absolutely scream glamour!

My most prized shoes have a memory or story behind them that will forever be engrained in my brain, and these Brian Atwood's happen to be one of them. Story below...

Photos by Alissa Krumlauf Photography

I scored these amazing color blocked Brian Atwood heels on clearance at the Neiman Marcus Last Call Outlet store while driving back to LA from a trip to Las Vegas during my birthday in December. While I was in line to purchase, a tall man with light, shoulder length hair (with a ton of items in his hands to purchase) asked me about the heels.  He said he absolutely loved them and had to get a pair for his neice.  So, I gabbed on why I loved them so much, told him he should def grab a pair and in what section, and then mentioned they're by Brian Atwood. Dude was like "Oh, I thought they might be Brian Atwood, he is a good friend of mine, we were roommates in college."   ....   Being the goofball and jokester that I am, I giggled and brushed it off, because it was so out of left field! But then Michael (tall man with light, shoulder length hair), was like "wait let me call him he is going to love this!" 

Me: "... ohhhhhh..... f%@k." {Insert shocked emoji here}

Brian didn't answer the call, but after hours going back and forth in the shoe isle to make sure I didn't miss anything amazing and also helping Michael out to find more shoes in the right size for Christmas presents, Michael said he would pass on my info. I was beyond excited!  I'm thinking what if I could work with Brian?? He needs people in Italy?  The possibilities!  A dream experience!! I AM SO THERE!!

Needless to say I never heard from Brian, and that's the end of my story. But - I still love these heels. Holla!!!

Here are some color blocked heel option out now that I'm diggin'.

It was an easy switch to sneakers. My kicks are a new style by Nike, called the LunarElite Sky Hi. They're pretty cool and sleek. The sole has a platform wedge which is at 2.5" in height just like the Dunk Sky Hi or Air Revolution, although you dont feel it at all since there is a platform as well. They are very comfortable and the pleats in the sole add a fun, futuristic touch. Here are a few options to check out below.

Also, I am absolutely loving some of the new Nike's styles out for women right now!!  See my pick's here!

#SeizeTheShoes. xoxo! T


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