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April '14 Shoe Lover :: Vali

April '14 Shoe Lover :: Vali

Meet my newest shoe-loving beaut, Vali

I first discovered this R&B singer when I attended a music showcase last year in Hollywood with my girl, Melissa, called the BMI Next Fresh Thing Showcase. I'll never forget her as she sang one of her singles called "Muah" with that big voice in a petite body and long, pink braided hair. I loved her voice, her sass, her style, and was really looking forward to seeing more of her. Then I found out about her love for both heels and sneakers and it was a wrap.

"New York City-born Vali was raised by her single mom in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. With a Clarinetist Mother, a Symphony Conducting Father, and a Ballroom Dancing Grandfather, Vali threw herself into classical piano, tap-dancing, and ballet. With tons of experiences and schooling along the way, Vali is now a triple threat: a dancer and an actress—but first and foremost, a singer. Her R&B-inflected tracks are an assortment of stories with sticky hooks." -Via OfficialVali.com, see the whole background story here.

Vali's style screams original, unique, and sexy. Everything she wore on our shoot reflects her fun personality and individual style. Just take a look... Acid washed skinny overalls with a crop top sleeveless turtleneck. Both unique and perfectly styled with her heels and kicks.

Same goes for her beauty style. Her distinct look embodies the whole package, and that includes getting funky with manicured nails! We shot Vali at a gorgeous nail spot in West Hollywood call Ibiza Nails where she could play around with new colors and have her chill time. Check out this sweet manicure Vali posted on her Instagram here.

While you read this feature, take a listen to Vali's newest track "Dimes" featuring Wiz Khalifa.

With a sweet shyness, Vali was super fun shooting with as she spun around in the manicurist's chair. We turned a relaxing nail salon into a fun-loving playground for a moment and caught her infectious charm.


Converse has recently come out with their classic Chuck Taylor with a hidden wedge for the ladies, and I could not have been more ecstatic that Vali was rocking them! There truly is nothing like a classic sneaker with a modern update, and in this case Converse killed it. A fluorescent all-over red, with the hidden camo-patterned sole was all it took for Vali's outfit to seriously stand out.

...and then came the switch... The #SQshoeSwap from kicks to heels, that is.

This industry is not easy. When you are a kid, you’re like, ‘I wanna be President!’ As you grow up, you realize a lot of people want to be President. Music is like that: You have to do a lot more than just say you want it.
— Vali


Vali's switch into her heels was swift and easy. Wearing a pair of metallic blue pumps by Jeffrey Campbell, they were the perfect pair of sleek heels to compliment her outfit. It almost gave the look a retro vibe which made it fun and interesting! Always a great aspect for a shoe to have.

Once you are REAL, you won’t be ugly except to people who don’t understand.
— Vali, as tattood on her arm.

"Once you are REAL, you won't be ugly except to people who don't understand."

Check out the video for Vali's latest drop and see howwwwwww cute she is in everything she does! Vali - "Dimes" ft. Wiz Khalifa


Check out one of my favorite Vali songs and music video "Shut It Down" here.

And then check out how far this star has come.  I love this fun little video she did covering a personal old favorite of mine "Shoop" by En Vogue

You can download Vali's entire EP "Paper Charade" on iTunes, link here! :) (Scorpio is my new JAM!)

Such a babe.

HUGE thanks to all the stars that helped me make this vision happen:

  • Photographer Peter Dang
  • Melissa Keklak and the MMKpr team
  • Ibiza Nails located at 7505 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
  • Rostrum Records and team
  • Vali - You are a hardworking girl with loads of talent! Can't wait to watch you succeed more and more!

xo! T.

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