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British Footwear

British Footwear

Twice a year every year (for probably about 9 years now?) I go to the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas to check out all the new footwear brands and styles that are being shown for future seasons.  I DO NOT miss it!  This year I flew back from an international fantasy land just to be there, and I wasn't disappointed.

I had a great opportunity this year to check out that long row I always saw with 'British Footwear Association' signs all over it and personally get to know some of its brands.



Best for last? Nope, best for first!  My absolute favorite of all, favorite of the ENTIRE show altogether was Angeline Lee. I instantly fell in love with how the neon colors mixed with the details in such an easy way. An ankle bootie with a peep-toe is in itself is something you don't see often outside of plain brown and black leathers. 

Check out the spikes going along the sides, they stick out just enough and glow in the dark. YES!!!! Why that makes me so excited, you ask?  Because it's simply FUN. And it lets me feel playful in an adult world. Amazingly enough, the best part is they are COMFY! I mean, COM-FY. I had them on for a while (oops lol) and I can definitely see myself being ok standing in them for a long night out. Oh, and Angeline the designer is a sweetheart, which really brings the whole package together for me. 

If I remember correctly the retail price range is somewhere in the $300/$400 range, and yes I'm not the kind of girl to really spend that much on a pair but let me tell you these are a pair to save up for. Plus, I would choose these over some Louboutin's ANY DAY! Yes yes yes, can't wait for more Angeline Lee!

Of course she had more stunners then just this pair.  For example those strappy flats. I'm not a flats kinda chick but I'd definitely wear those plllllllenty. Check out the photos below.  

Laidback London

I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the background of Laidback London and how every sandal is hand made and hand beaded in Africa.  "These labour intensive processes provide much needed jobs and give the sandals an authentic, handmade feel." We're talking an average of 4 pairs made a day per worker as opposed to the mass amounts made daily in today's reality. Really, what a treat. If I can wear some sweet shoes and know it came from the hands of a human that's been impacted by a conscious cause, I'm all for it.

We are committed to working out of Africa where we are making a positive social and economic impact on the local communities that we work with.”
— Laidback London

Hand beading a pair of sandals

Marion  Ayonote London

Stepping into Marion's booth was such fun, I kept giggling and reminiscing about that city I love so much lol :)


I was drawn to the deep metallics and for this particular pair I love the extra tall rounded tongue. It has that regal factor for a modern woman.




I already know and love Miista very much! I did a post a while back on those lucite heels they had that I was obsessed with, check it out here.

I actually visited the Miista offices when I was in London this Summer and got a sneak peak at what's coming. Hopefully I'll be able to show you guys the goodness soon! 

Thanks to the BFA for showing me around! I have a lot to look forward to :)

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Interview with Brandi Garcia (Video)

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