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Boot Shapers :: Best and Worst! + Free Solution

Boot Shapers :: Best and Worst! + Free Solution

There's nothing I love more than displaying all of my shoes in a way that can be seen clearly, so I can visually and gloriously have the freedom to choose exactly the pair I want to grace on my feet.legs for any given occasion. I don't use boxes anymore so if I see a slouchy boot I go nuts (hello OCD!). So I searched high and low for the perfect boot shaper years ago and have since been extremely happy with my choice.  Thought I'd share with you guys today.  Below you can see my #1 choice, and why other popular shapers out there are not good choices.



They look small in the pic, but these shapers are large (made for knee high boots) and so simple to use.  You simply roll each piece up, insert into the boot and let go.  It will immediately unravel and take the shape of your boot and stand up straight. The material used for these shapers keeps its elasticity and can be used forever. And the price is great, I buy mine on Amazon for about $14 for four (4) pairs. Choose your favorite color, although it won't shoe anyway.  Also comes in smaller sizes for shorter boots!

Click on the image to the left to get yours.



This plastic monstrosity is bulky and non bendable.  It doesn't have room to work with any and all boots, and the plastic could crack. Plus, you only get 2 pairs for about $17. PS. Where the heck will you store these when they're not in use??


Ok, remember what I had said about having that beautiful display of shoes, that allows you to just sit there, and daydream, and stare at all the prettyness of it all.... Sighhh.... Love love love, ok I'm snapping out if it!  This boot-shaping rack is the opposite of that. Ain't nobody got time for an upside down shoe not showing it's beauty! So for that reason alone, this is a no no!


So blow up this boot-shaped balloon, and stick it in your boots, lol. It's just not sturdy enough, and quite frankly makes me cringe a little. Look at it sticking out of this short boot here.. HAHAHAH!!



So ugly. So lame.  Enough said.


Ohhhh, Holy Moses. Who the hell wants to put a heavy a** wooden boot panel in the shoe with a big knob sticking out?! I totally see these knocking down to the floor every time you turn around.  $35 a pop...



Can you imagine having to stick these into your boots, and then blowing air into them?  I'd love if someone walked by as they saw you doing this... LOL.


Ummm, I have limited closet space as it is, thank you. Plus those clips will totally ruin the leather! Buh-bye.



Got any pool noodles lying around in the garage? Just cut it to size and stick it in your boot. They work surprisingly well for a cheap solution, although I still recommend Booti brand above!!  xo, T.

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