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Shop For Wine, End Up With Shoes. When Will It Stop?!

Shop For Wine, End Up With Shoes. When Will It Stop?!

Guest Post By @MsAlexO

You can never have too many wine glasses; this is the thought I had before I drove to the local Ross Dress for Less that is conveniently located less than five minutes from my apartment. I told myself that I’d run into Ross and purchase new goblets to use with my fancy Walgreens wine. I entered with the intent to splurge on glasses, defining splurge in college student terms as under $10, but I left $120 in the hole and without wine glasses. This is the story of my Shoe-ddiction: 

Three weeks ago I made the conscientious decision that I would start working out. With an Instagram feed full of “worker-outers” dying to show off their next gym pic and two weddings in quick pursuit, I felt it necessary to hop on the fitness bandwagon. Energized and motivated I woke up every morning for a mile run around my complex. After a few weeks into my mini-morning runs, like most, I begin to examine my physique in my full length mirror. I came to the conclusion that after a little more than 2 weeks my workout had done its job... or it was at least good enough to capture on Instagram (which probably isn’t saying much)! This was serious; I was going to show my progress to the world, I mean, this new sexy had to be documented! I needed to show this transition properly (i.e. I needed the proper lighting and filter to make me look like I’ve acquired abs and calves in 3 weeks). Once again took a glance at this new #fitlife body and then I remembered how weird I am about taking pictures of myself... FML...this was going to require a glass of confidence or as I like to call it... sweet red wine. I shuffled to my kitchen to ‘pour it up, pour it up’, only to find that all of my 3 wine glasses were dirty. 

Once again, FML! Now, I can only convey the severity of this Instagram fitness picture and wine consumption to you through my following actions...

Since hand washing the red wine stained glasses seemed illogical, I hoped in my car and drove to the nearest store, that store being Ross Dress for Less. Cluttered, unorganized and hot were my first thoughts as I walked in, but I was on a mission. Mission objectives:

  • Buy wine glasses
  • Drink wine
  • Take Instagram #fitlife picture 

(Insert fist pump here) ...Off to the housewares section! Upon arriving in the designated glass aisle there was a pair of size 7 Jessica Simpson pumps sitting next to a cupcake pan. Clearly in the wrong place, I activated my service oriented mentality and decided to return the shoes to the proper section of the store. This is where things went left. I went to put down the size 7 Jessica Simpson pumps in the size 8 section (i.e. my shoe size) and discovered a plethora of opportunities – flats, pumps, sneakers.... Nike, Michael Kors, Steve Madden! Let the rationalizing begin! I began picking up every shoe that made sense.... and by ‘made sense’, I mean, I picked up every cute shoe in my size. After weeding through the no’s that were initially yes’s – I had a pair of report brand flats, a pair of Michael Kors heels, and a pair of highlighter yellow Nike cross country shoes. #winning 

I glided to the register while also reflecting on why each of these items would be a ‘WIN’ for me (insert thought bubble here):

  • I needed a pair of flats for work...Check. 
  • Michael Kors heels at Ross for 50 bucks...Yes.
  • Cross Country Nikes... Instagram #fitlife photo...duh!

So, the moral of this story is....

1. Being a poor college student has nothing on my shoe-diction

2. Ross Dress for Less has reasonably priced name brand shoes

3. By all means necessary you ‘do it for the gram’


- Alex Overton 


Instagram @MSALEXO

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