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Summer Travel + Heels?

Summer Travel + Heels?

(This post originally written for 1st Class Fashion)

Shoes are definitely my true passion.  A passion that I could never get enough of, yes, but another passion of mine is travel.  I can't get enough of learning about cultures, ways of life, how others grow up compared to myself, what's considered cool, and the list goes on...

Since shoes dictate the comfort for your entire body, some may argue (like me) that it is the most important part of an outfit. So when I travel, I want to make sure I am comfortable and I most definitely still want to look fly.  So, yea, throw on a pair of sneakers and you're good.  But what about the heels? There is always an occasion for heel, baby!

Below is a list of the top 5 cities I have traveled to and the heels out now that I would pair for a trip there. 


Photo cred: www.uk.euma.org

Webster at ShopStyle

Oh how I love London... **Swoon** There is nothing like walking all over and seeing the history, meeting all different Europeans, and taking the tube.  Amongst other things, these SOPHIA WEBSTER Lacey Striped Bootie's are low enough to get around, strappy enough to make swift steps as you walk, and sassy enough to be up with the rest of the amazing fashion I see on the London streets!


Israel is one of the most friendly and beautiful places I've ever been.  With hot and humid Summer's, everyone floods the beaches and truly enjoy the splendors of their country.  These heels by ANTONIO BERARDI+ Rupert Sanderson Redondo suede and PVC sandals not only have that beautiful blue shade from Israel's flag, but they totally fit the Israeli style; simple, minimal, and a b it of a "zhoozh" that I can't describe unless you've been there ;)


I took this photo myself.  One of my favorite shots from the trip!

I took this photo myself.  One of my favorite shots from the trip!


Ahh, oui!! Pari!! J'ne parlais pas francais.  I think I just said I don't speak French, hopefully, lol.

Everything in Paris screams sex to me.  Sexy lines, flirty guys, and everything in between.  These Paul Andrew Suede Fringe Ankle Boots are super sexy and totally capture the allure of it all with the fringe.



Photo cred:   www.independent.ie

Photo cred: www.independent.ie

Chinese Laundry at ShopStyle

Morrocco was a whirlwind. Through the begging children, the snake charmers, and the endless shouks (markets) it was hard for me to see the wonder of it all.  But when I finally did, it hit hard.  These Chinese Laundry Jupiter heels are the perfect booties to get you around all the little dirt streets and into beyond gorgeous restaurants with charming decor.


Photo cred:   www.multita.info

Photo cred: www.multita.info


It's practically impossible to wear heels in the Greek Islands.  A lot of hills and a lot of cobble stone. But instead there are breathtaking ocean views, and stark white and blue patterns all throughout their buildings. These white Blue Bird Miss Zebra Leather Loafers are fun, comfortable, and a great match to the islands' colors

Next time I want to list the shoes I would wear to all the places I WOULD LOVE to travel to and discover! I'm thinking the spots below. Anywhere else you guys suggest let me know! xo! T


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#SQshoeSwap :: Matching Baby Pink to Your Kicks and Heels!

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