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Review :: Reebok ZJet Run (And the Kid Who Made Me Cry Laughing)

Review :: Reebok ZJet Run (And the Kid Who Made Me Cry Laughing)

A few months ago I was sent a pair of Reebok ZJet Runs to try out, courtesy of Finish Line, and immediately judged them with a know-it-all attitude that was so out of line. So a few weeks ago I finally decided to give them a real try and was pleasantly surprised. On a beautiful, sunny Saturday in Santa Monica, CA, amidst a ton of tourists and a large amount of beach-goers, I found that the Reebok ZJet delivered big feats and a great fit.

Check it:

  • The cushioning is not a joke. Both on the footbed and on the upper surrounding my foot, I felt extremely comfortable and "locked-in." Almost feels like memory foam, except just a bit more firm. Plus, I have bad knees, so the cushion felt amazing.
  • No discomfort. The shoe lined the shape of my foot pretty great, so I didn't feel like my pinky toe was on fire or anything like that.  That is the worst in running shoes!
  • Bright and tight! Wonderfully bold color sequence on the shoe, makes it fun to put on and style, visible from far away too.
  • Breathability? I felt like it could be a bit more breathable, but with all that cushion it makes sense that I didn't feel it to be as breathable as other shoes, but the breathability is still there.


*Scroll to bottom for a amusing story of what what transpired on this day, lol*

As Alissa and I were trying to get the photos, we had to pause a bunch of times to let people pass through our shot on the busy Santa Monica Bridge. At one point, a little kid, probably around 10 years old, after passing by and looking at us, came back around and asked...

Kid: "Excuse me, are you a shoe model?"

Me: "Ummm, ha. I guess you could say that..."

Kid: "Can I have a hug?"

Me: "Well, sure!" **proceeds to give him a PG side-hug**

Kid: "That's all I get? A side hug?"

Me: "Yes! You are pretty young sweety..."

Kid: "I know. Ok thanks, bye!"

Jeezuz, what the heck did this kid want, a motor-boat? LMAO!!! He was age 10 going on 35. Man ooo man. Alissa and I got a good laugh!


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