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Giving Back With Shoes :: Los Angeles Fun Event This Weekend!

Giving Back With Shoes :: Los Angeles Fun Event This Weekend!

In my head, shoes are connected to everything, so when I get the chance to give back with "SOLES" I don't miss the opportunity.

This weekend in Los Angeles, I will be attending "I Got Sole," an event being put on by caring entertainment industry vets volunteering their time to make a difference. It will benefit the less fortunate and homeless as well as be a fun filled day of giving back, spirit, and love.  What you can expect:

SOLE food

SOLE-ful music

SOLES in attendance; messages of love and hope to all

So come say hi and let's give back! Bring all of your shoes that you no longer wear to this event too. I can't wait to feel the powerful energy, hear the great artists performing, and share a bite with some new SOLES.

Saturday, August 16th @ Gladys Park. 12-4 PM

(For more information and info on how you can give back, please see below.)

Los Angeles Citizens and Celebrities Join Forces to Bring "Soles" To The Streets of Skid Row

 "I Got Sole" celebrates the impact music & food can have on the hearts of those less fortunate while bringing new "Soles"to the streets of L.A.

 (Los Angeles, CA) August 11, 2014 - On August 16, 2014 members of the Los Angeles community will take a much needed step to create a day of hope and love for the homeless living on the streets of Skid Row.

 Skid Row is home to at least 7500 plus homeless people who for the most part have been separated from  loved ones in addition to the city and government officials at large. Moses Hill, a resident of Los Angeles had a vision inspired by Founder of My Friends House LA Tiffany Rose to merge the support of My Friends House LA, Hustle Mommies, The United Coalition East Prevention Project (UCEPP) and American Caliber Foods  to team up in an effort to restore the integrity of the forgotten Angels living in downtown L.A. for a day of SOLE food, SOLE-FUL Music, and SOLES!

"I GOT SOLE" is an event that will be dedicated to bringing the spirit of hope and love to a part of Los Angeles that many people avoid. Gladys Park will be where shoes “SOLES” (and other necessities) for the homeless get collected and distributed, “SOLE” food will be served while the sounds of gospel, rhythm and blues fill the air providing a message of love and hope to fulfill the  “SOLES” of all in attendance.

The concept of I Got Sole was created by Moses A. Hill Jr. of Echoing Soundz who was inspired to create an event that could transform his community and unite those that live in extreme hardship with those that could provide a sense of love, hope and unconditional acceptance. Shortly after his vision he teamed up with the woman that inspired his idea, Miss Tiffany Rose, Founder of My Friend's House LA seen here in an interview with Queen Latifah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6VaZbLa4_E Ariel Rainey of  HUSTLE MOMMIES and Kevin Michael Key of UCEPP and Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) to help make his vision come to life.

To date, “My Friends House Foundation” (My Friends House LA) has served over 48,000 individuals and families within the Skid Row community. "Hustle Mommies" is an organization founded by Ariel the Mogul dedicated to empowering mothers and children in need and “4feeds4”, a local fish distributer that provides free Northwest Indian Salmon dinners to area residents every 3rd Saturday, in a respectful, community friendly manner. UCEPP does Alcohol and Other Drug prevention work in Skid Row since 1996, their Mission is to engage with the most vulnerable segments of our community to challenge systemic disparities that threaten a healthy environment.“ I feel blessed to work alongside of these three organizations to help spearhead a new movement of regenerating the hearts and souls of the less fortunate in this concentrated area. Together we are ready to impact our community and empower others to bring SOLES back to the human beings that could benefit the most."

The event will take place at Gladys Park located in the heart of Skid Row on 6th St. & Gladys on August 16th from 12- 4 P.M.Donations and volunteer requests are currently being accepted. Special thanks goes out to True Vision Media Group and Asphalt Yacht Club for their financial and product contributions. 

Clean out your closet and bring all of your shoes that you no longer wear to this event. Financial donations will also be accepted!100% of the donations will be contributed to the rejuvenation of Skid Row through the efforts of  the My Friends House Foundation.

Submit Monetary Donations to https://www.registrationfactory.com/v3/?EventUUID=F430A7EF

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